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To accurately measure the impact of online advertising, it's important to holistically evaluate the performance of your campaigns.

Consider each click a touchpoint in a consumer's pathway, some are more important than others, and will deserve a greater proportion of the funds. But like a team that contributes towards a winning try, they all play a role.

Smart marketers are no longer beholden to measuring campaign's ROI on the 'last click'. Businesses are trying to make sense of a huge collection of real-time engagement and transaction data to unlock the campaign's true potential.

Advanced attribution models and Programmatic work as a team

With these advanced measurements providing essential insights and programmatic's ability to test and adjust instantly, marketers now have access to a tool that will take their online campaigns to new heights.

To find out more about how attribution modelling can increase your campaigns performance and ROI, get Acquire Online's Attribution white paper.

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