AO: Holiday Insights 2017

Holiday Season Insights 2017

Gear up your Advertising for the Holiday Season

A Record 6 billion was spent in December 2016!

As the holiday shopping season kicks into high gear, its important to pay attention to how consumer behaviours change.

  • More consumers are likely to be researching and shopping on mobile devices. Ensuring Campaigns are mobile ready is vital to their success.
  • Holiday shoppers show a lot more intent to purchase. This makes remarketing a key tool during the summer holidays
  • Video and Social are growing channels presenting vast opportunities

Increased competition in the festive season means you need to target traffic that is most likely to convert. Programmatic advertising is driven by extensive data-led insights, providing you with the best possible traffic.

Download our ‘Holiday Season’ Insights to find out more about how to grow your customer base and effectively target them this season.

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