Acquire Online: TV Sync

Online Sync & Activation

Television no longer commands our full attention.

85% of New Zealanders use a Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop when watching TV

When consumers turn to their second/third screens to seek more information on TV content, micro-moments are created.

These second and third screen puts a virtual store in the hands of every consumer. TV advertising in conjunction with online advertising is a powerful way to scale up traffic and sales.

Online Sync helps you to engage with your audience in real-time, while leveraging off your own TV activity, your competitors and now KEYWORDS.

Keywords Sync triggers digital ad buys when pre-defined keywords mentioned on TV. Across both Freeview and Sky channels.

Acquire Online is NZ’s leading programmatic trading desk.

If you would like to be brought up to date with programmatic advertising and find out how it can grow your business, contact Chris Schultz.


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